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Mountainlife™ Shilajit

Discover the incredible natural power and traits of the Mountainlife™ Shilajit Range. This ancient black tar is traditionally renowned for its holistic and scientific effects on the body. Small is indeed mighty when it comes to Shilajit.

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The Conqueror Of Weakness

A black resin from the mountains in the far east, this tar has been consumed for thousands of years, and the ancients  describe it as "The Conqueror Of Weakness" They are not wrong....

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100% Plant Based

We make to make all our products availbe for all specific diets. Our whole Mountainlife range compasses only naturally wild harvested products and complete conform to the Vegan Societies principles.

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100% Natural

Mountainlife provides the most authentic and natural Shilajit from the untouched landscape of the Altai Region in Siberia. By doing so we are making sure this part of the world remains untouched and pure for generations to come.

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100% Wild Harvested

All of our products come from the Altai Region in Siberia. All Mountainlife products are wild harvested, which means it is picked completely naturally in its native and wild enviromental habitate.

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Altai Mountains

The pristine Altai region in Siberia has been untouched for thousands of years and holds a plethora of natural and organic secrets...

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